Super Vision Optics® (SVO®) is the bedrock of Venths’s superior clarity and reliability. Let’s be clear, Venths’s SVO makes distortion disappear. No more seeing things here that really aren’t there. No more blurry objects in the distance. With SVO, you’ll find rocks, flagsticks, and potholes where they are supposed to be–where they truly are. In fact, not only does SVO meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) clarity testing requirements, it exceeds them.n’t feel UV rays, so there is no natural warning that damage is being done. And although clouds reduce the level of UV reaching your eyes, clouds don’t block UV completely — which means your eyes can be exposed to UV rays even on overcast days.


  • We use infusion molding, which produces one comprehensive, single-layered lens–no glue
  • Venths lenses are made at the same time to make sure that the axis is the same throughout. Doing so prevents the light from bending due to any inconsistencies found in the lens
  • Get unrivaled impact protection and 100% UV filtering
  • See clearer and sharper without image corruption
  • See everything exactly where it is, not shifted



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