• Frame Color:
  • Lens 1: Revo Frie (Polarized)
  • Lens 2: Black (Polarized)
  • Lens 3: Yellow (PC)
  • Lens 4: Clear/Transparent (PC)
  • Lens 5: Seablue (PC)
  • Cases: Soft Vault Custom XL
  • Accessories: Cleaning Bags, Cleaning Cloth, Sport Strap Kit, Cord Kit, Short-sighted Kit (With Template)

Price: $69.99

(Currency Type: US Dollar)

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Venths Maya

Sport professionals demand nothing less than the best, and we’ve answered their challenge for decades. World-class athletes have driven us to create innovation after innovation, including interchangeable lens designs with unbeatable optical clarity. Venths Maya takes that to the next level with the latest in performance technology.


The Best Vision in Sports

Engineered to serve the demands of world-class athletes, Venths Maya completely reinvents performance optics.

Super Vision Optics® (SVO®)
Super Vision Optics® (SVO®) is the bedrock of Venths's superior clarity and reliability. Let's be clear, Venths's SVO makes distortion disappear. No more seeing things here that really aren't there. No more blurry objects in the distance. With SVO, you'll find rocks, flagsticks, and potholes where they are supposed to be–where they truly are. In fact, not only does SVO meet the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) clarity testing requirements, it exceeds them.

  • Adapt to any sport environment with interchangeable lenses in a spectrum of colors
  • Comfort and performance of the Three-Point Fit that holds the lens in precise optical alignment
  • Get unbeatable clarity and performance with the patented innovations of Super Vision Optics
  • Removable glasses designed sport headband can be replaced at any time
  • Optimize protection with polycarbonate and polarized lenses that filter out all UV and meet industrial standards for impact protection
Maya Accessories

Each frame comes with five lenses, Venths Soft Vault case, and a bag for storage and lens cleaning.
More Accessories.

Venths Maya features the following unrivaled technologies:

HD Polarized

Venths HDPolarized sunglasses and goggles create an optical forcefield around your eyes by protecting them from harsh glare without compromising the clarity of your outlook on the world.

UV Protection

Venths's SVO lens material filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB and UVC.

Impact Protection

ANSI impact tests are the gold standard for measuring safety.


We invented Venths Hydrophobic, a permanent lens coating that prevents those performance killers from threatening your vision in the heat of competition.

Frame Construction

Comfort is optimized with lightweight materials, as well as our renowned Three-Point Fit that also maximizes optical performance.

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